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On the subject of drawings and its fantastical subject matter

Artwork by Michael C. Hsiung

Ping pong paddle in progress
Michael Hsiung
 I recently got invited by Active to participate in an upcoming group show titled Which One's Ping.  The show will open September 24th at Kids Krochet in Costa Mesa, CA.  The artist line up is something really exciting for me because they include so many heroes of mine - Ed Templeton, Chris Pastras, Brad Staba, Lance Mountain, Deanna Templeton, Eric McHenry, Russ Pope, Todd Bratrud, and more.

Active was nice enough to send us paddles and FED EX shipping numbers!  (that's the best and my first time). My first plan of attack was to set them aside and not touch them for a bit.  Just kidding, I started with some sketches of what I thought might be cool.  

Ping pong guy Number 1 (above).

This is my sailor smoking pink shirt paddle guy.  I'm going to attach an eye patch to him.