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On the subject of drawings and its fantastical subject matter

Artwork by Michael C. Hsiung

Sold framed Merman
Michael Hsiung

Sold framed Merman, originally uploaded by Michael C. Hsiung.

I recently had this piece framed for a buyer. The frame is pretty cool - it has soft red velvet, double matte, and museum glass. I told him that he should have a hidden vault behind this piece. That's the sort of vibe it gives off.

Michael Hsiung

This might be one of the best things I've ever ever gotten in the mail, and that's not to say John Casey, Pacoli and all those other awesome artist packages weren't rad. . . this one is just really funny and awesome.

Linh's room
Michael Hsiung

Linh's room, originally uploaded by Michael C. Hsiung.

At the Thought Processor show at Munky King I did some live drawing for some awesome kids and people. One nice fellow named Linh gave me a canvas to draw on. Here's the photo of it in his room.

Rad, thanks Linh!!